Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Thank God, it's #88LoveLifeSOIREE

Yesterday, was Monday, 9th May. As a monday, it must be a busy day. I still have responsibility as judges Liaison Officer of TATCC 2016 event on Sunday. Started the day with drove Coach Annie (Owner The A Team Cheerleading Company) to the airport with kak Sony (as second judge) on 8.00am, then accompany kak Sony strolling around Malioboro while waiting his train on 2.40pm. After doing farewell with my last judge, means my duty as judges LO is almost done (wait.. another job is preparing the financial accountability to my chairman of this event). After that, i helped my friend from Timika to do some Cash on Delivery. Because as a buyer (he bought a mobile phone), he's too far to checked up the phone directly, so there i go to helped him. After all the checklist done, suddenly I remind that the #88LoveLifeBlogCompetition is over, and maybe they already announce the winner! So....here is the big thrilling moment, i checked out the winners announcement on kak Diana instagram..

Yayyyy... i'm one of the winner! How excited i was when i read the announcement yesterday. But then, i decided to strolling this 9 ladies blogs that will be my Soiree-mate and give a little 'hello'. I believed, Kak Diana and kak Dinda, choose them all because they are wonderfull as kak Di mentioned above. Anddd.. they do wonderful! i read all them blog post about #88LoveLife review, they even better than me, they trully inspired by kak Diana thought a lot, and into kak Dinda illustrations so much. They just like me, a big fan of kak Di thought, some of them already followed kak Diana blog career since the beginning.

I'm so EXCITED! i wondering we'll have our chit chat together and maybe we can make friend in Jogja. Or maybe, what if we build Kak Diana fan base in Jogja? nice idea huh?

Okay then, i'll give you my best damn report after the Soiree! Thanks for my buddies that support me thru this competition, it mean a lot to me! :)

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