Monday, June 6, 2016

12:39 WIB

He said :

'The only easy day was yesterday."

because we already pass it.
that's true.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Keep Moving or You'll Die

I'm exhausted, but i can't take a break. 
I just can't.
Cause this is gonna be my last,
last step to the finish line.
You not take a break,
when you almost finish the line.
You don't give up on thing like this.
You won't ended up here.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Melted to Black

Fondu au Noir by Cœur de Pirate

Sleep, the worst is over and you enter the dance
The worst aside, you sell yourself to the rhythm
You sow happiness with every step you make
And when you wake up, life continues

For sure you're gone with the wind, in a world without music
Without your shades that are a bit too specific
You swim in pain and it's almost time
to close your eyes in the death that awaits you

And it hurts it's because he doesn't understand
That nothing has swum in your heart for so long
And if it hurts, it's because he doesn't see you
While your smile will eventually fade away

Sleep, the worst is over, it won't get you
Out of breath, you're no longer its pray
your efforts are useless to the madness of others
Who will forget quite quickly that you're no longer one of us

And if it hurts it's because he doesn't understand
That nothing has swum in your heart for so long
And if it hurts, it's becaise it/he doesn't see you
While your smile will eventually fade away

When i need kind of quite moment of my self, idk why i love to hear this song. Actually this song is sang by Cœur de Pirate in French. But i just try to find the meaning and it's quite sad, so i think this song is about a girl that seeing to a boy who doesn't even notice her. But i just love the song. They also have another english translation with it's title 'Faded in Black'. You might want to hear, here is the video with the original lyrics:


Monday, May 30, 2016

Stay Healthy, Good People.

You might wondering how i spent the #88LoveLifeSOIREE because i won blog competition for #88LoveLife readers from Diana Rikasari like i wrote in this blog post. Buttt... there are no stories 😭😭😭 because i cannot go to that event.

The story begin with my boyfie that comin to town in Thursday, May 12nd. So after my happy post on Tuesday, a couple of days, he was coming and make me happier. I was picked him up on the bus station and everything went well. Until the next day after, after we spent a night watching AADC 2, i feel my pain in the ass like getting worse. It's really a pain in the ass, yea it's hemmorhoid. Mine is external hemmorhoid. So, around 11pm something, my boy drive me to the hospital, and there the doctor said i need to take surgery soon. I wish i could get the surgery on Saturday but unlucky me, it's possible to do in Monday. 

Finally i spent my weekend on the hospital and cancelled to go to #88LoveLifeSOIREE and only see all the pic from Kak Diana's IG and Denia's IG 😭😭

I never be in hospital as a patient in my whole life, and once i become a patient, it takes a lot of painful and strikely break my dreams to meet kak Diana also inhibit me for doing my thesis. With all those painful feeling, i promise will eat fruit and veggie more, less spicy food, and more water for sure. Doctor said my hemmorhoid is on stage III, and even thou it already taken, but if i did not change my food habit, i might come again.. 😣😷 oh please i won't let that happen again.

Blur pic taken by me 
For you who have hemmorhoid in low level, please be aware, don't let this thing happen to you. Just do everything to stay healthy.


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Chat me on my Snap!

There are moreeee social media nowadays!
The famous one is Snapchat.

Thank you to Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown for create this such a thing.
From the famous Facebook which we can upload words, picture, until video, then the others platform that also famous is Twitter which more focus in words that called tweet. Until Instagram for those who love visual more than words, cause it's focus in picture and video.

Then in 2011, Snapchat was released and become a thing these days. This platform is more like Instagram that focused on visualize (picture and video), but the thing is, if you uploaded pic or vid in 'Story' (it's kinda 'Home' on Facebook), they just lasting for 24 hours, and you can see who and howmany people seen your story.

The most i like about snapchat is, they have many kind of filter. There is Geofilter its kinda filter that can fit your area (psst.. now there is On-Demand Geofilter), the cute one is face filter, which regularly change. The basic filter actually are clock, temperature, speed, bw, vintage, vignette, brighter, and for video there are slo-mo, fast foward, super fast foward, and rewind.

For you who doesn't Snapchat yet, you have to try this platform. The next step is... add me as a friend!! Yay.. *maksa 😝

i supposed to post a GIF but didn't find the way yet 
For the last, just chat me on my Snap! 😁


Friday, May 27, 2016

Throwback Moment

It's a little throwback moment, when i did my first interview to Ersa Adiprasetya a.k.a Echa from Hey Echa ! for my final assignment which is not finished yet till now *drooling eyes*.
Anyway, this interview held in Lokal Hotel & Restaurant which lately known for AADC 2 shoot location.

A little review, i love all the menu here, because its taste good and not so expensive. I might loved to stay to their hotel too, because beside the colorful-abstract wallpaper, i just loved the architechture and design of the room type B or as known as Mezzanine Type. Its unique yet modern with its two floor in a room. I think i'm gonna make a bedroom like this hotel room someday :p

i never found a hotel room like this! They arrange iPhone 5 speakers & charger dock, so modern tho..

cozy and large living room. The most lovely patternize floor.

mini space for the working desk. pst, this room type having its own pool-view balcony. WOW!

Anyway, i also want to share some pic of mine and Echa 😄😄😄

only this pic had a high pixel tho..
I love all the dessert here too, on the picture above is Mint Mojito and sweet dessert (i'm forget the name 😁 ) consist of apple from malang, with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream...

If you come to Jogjakarta, don't missed this resto for hang out or maybe try a night to stay.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Thank God, it's #88LoveLifeSOIREE

Yesterday, was Monday, 9th May. As a monday, it must be a busy day. I still have responsibility as judges Liaison Officer of TATCC 2016 event on Sunday. Started the day with drove Coach Annie (Owner The A Team Cheerleading Company) to the airport with kak Sony (as second judge) on 8.00am, then accompany kak Sony strolling around Malioboro while waiting his train on 2.40pm. After doing farewell with my last judge, means my duty as judges LO is almost done (wait.. another job is preparing the financial accountability to my chairman of this event). After that, i helped my friend from Timika to do some Cash on Delivery. Because as a buyer (he bought a mobile phone), he's too far to checked up the phone directly, so there i go to helped him. After all the checklist done, suddenly I remind that the #88LoveLifeBlogCompetition is over, and maybe they already announce the winner! is the big thrilling moment, i checked out the winners announcement on kak Diana instagram..

Yayyyy... i'm one of the winner! How excited i was when i read the announcement yesterday. But then, i decided to strolling this 9 ladies blogs that will be my Soiree-mate and give a little 'hello'. I believed, Kak Diana and kak Dinda, choose them all because they are wonderfull as kak Di mentioned above. Anddd.. they do wonderful! i read all them blog post about #88LoveLife review, they even better than me, they trully inspired by kak Diana thought a lot, and into kak Dinda illustrations so much. They just like me, a big fan of kak Di thought, some of them already followed kak Diana blog career since the beginning.

I'm so EXCITED! i wondering we'll have our chit chat together and maybe we can make friend in Jogja. Or maybe, what if we build Kak Diana fan base in Jogja? nice idea huh?

Okay then, i'll give you my best damn report after the Soiree! Thanks for my buddies that support me thru this competition, it mean a lot to me! :)