Monday, May 30, 2016

Stay Healthy, Good People.

You might wondering how i spent the #88LoveLifeSOIREE because i won blog competition for #88LoveLife readers from Diana Rikasari like i wrote in this blog post. Buttt... there are no stories 😭😭😭 because i cannot go to that event.

The story begin with my boyfie that comin to town in Thursday, May 12nd. So after my happy post on Tuesday, a couple of days, he was coming and make me happier. I was picked him up on the bus station and everything went well. Until the next day after, after we spent a night watching AADC 2, i feel my pain in the ass like getting worse. It's really a pain in the ass, yea it's hemmorhoid. Mine is external hemmorhoid. So, around 11pm something, my boy drive me to the hospital, and there the doctor said i need to take surgery soon. I wish i could get the surgery on Saturday but unlucky me, it's possible to do in Monday. 

Finally i spent my weekend on the hospital and cancelled to go to #88LoveLifeSOIREE and only see all the pic from Kak Diana's IG and Denia's IG 😭😭

I never be in hospital as a patient in my whole life, and once i become a patient, it takes a lot of painful and strikely break my dreams to meet kak Diana also inhibit me for doing my thesis. With all those painful feeling, i promise will eat fruit and veggie more, less spicy food, and more water for sure. Doctor said my hemmorhoid is on stage III, and even thou it already taken, but if i did not change my food habit, i might come again.. 😣😷 oh please i won't let that happen again.

Blur pic taken by me 
For you who have hemmorhoid in low level, please be aware, don't let this thing happen to you. Just do everything to stay healthy.