Friday, May 6, 2016

Thank God, it's #88LOVELIFE Vol.2

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#88LoveLife Vol. 2 is finally released!! Yaayyy, i know it's quite late to post this news since this lovely book was released on January 2016. Yep! Good timing for accompany you in this new year. If you notice, i actually already post some of #88LoveLife Vol. 1 quotes on my blog. It's like my another bible which become my role to be a positive-cheerful-kind of human being. Like a vitamin for my soul. Kind of reminder to be a better person.

And this second volume also become my favorite one. It's start with the first qoute that teach you to love everything you do. I learn about how to apreciate my self, my life, and also love others even the haters. It makes me moorrreee grateful for everything i have. That life is imperfect, but that's imperfection we got just makes our life more colorful. I learn about it just the way we face our life through good day and bad day (i love the cupcake analogy on the page #48). This book also teach me about letting go things. Another lesson learn, especially for me, even howmany times i got fall and fail, i would never stop try to get up and i do believe i will be a better person tommorow. I will be a better one with a mind full of positive thinking, and a heart full of love and joyness.

My 2015 goin a bit hard (didn't mean to complain and be ungrateful), but i have a fight with my parents and i run away from home (i mean from my boarding house, that here in Jogja i'm living alone) because i can't handle their complain about my study, it's such a big push for me. Yes, last year was my 7th years in collage and i didn't graduate yet. It's like a 'what a big shame, Laras', you're not that stupid but in fact you didn't graduate yet. For me, looking to (almost) my close friends busy with working life is very exhausted, i feel terribly shame of my self, useless as a person, a daugther, and a student. I live in sadness and my regretness of my past, and i always think if i can back to my past, i will do better, so maybe i have a better life today. In that time, i haven't anyone close to me because longdistance-boyfriend is living in Bekasi, my closest friend are working out of Jogja, so i have to bear all alone. I decided to applying job, and suddenly God gives me His hand, i accepted as human resouce in a new Hotel in town. Then i wake up, i'm not that useless person, i still have something in me. And finally i communicate with my parent, they do accept me with all my pass, and i promise them that i will be a better daughter for them, i will finished my study because that's all they want. And now, i almost finished my last assignment and hopefully this May i get my final presentation to be a S.I.Kom.

But, there's a day that i still regreting my mistake in past, and i just can't remove it from my head. Till i read this #36 words of #88LoveLife :
"when you dwell in sadness, life will leave you behind. Move on. Forgive and forget, even those who do not forgive you. Happiness is not defined by the number of people who love you or hate you. Happiness is about how you love and forgive both others and yourself."
Then i remember, maybe all the regret still come because i didn't forgive my self. How to move on, is i need to forgive my self first. Forgive and forget my all mistakes in past and learn from them. The idea of forgive itself as closer as letting go, letting go my past and build a new me. Those words become my favorite quote from #88LoveLife Vol. 2, it's really really help me to be better when i don't know how to stopped my regretness. Tbh, i can't even say how much i love this book (also the first volume), that makes me thankful also adore kak Diana Rikasari so much, and also thank to kak Dinda Puspitasari who create those colorful-bright illustration that's complete this book. All the cheerful colors and illustration such a wrap for this bright-happy-thought book.

In this second volume, i also find more parenting words than in the volume 1. Since i'am not a mother, i see this quote as the child, Shahmeer would be feeling loved and warms when he read this story someday. And when i become a mother someday, i will try to be a lovable mother. Family always come first, this is also i love about this book, how kak Diana presenting this book for her husband and her son. How she tells about being a wife to her husband is about to be a partner in life too, a team for each other. It seems sweet you know. This book also teach you about her relationship with the Owner of our life, that it's good to talk to Him. And this is kinda teach me to become closer to God. :)

And how i love this book alot, it's not promise you that you will always get a happy-perfect life, but you can have a happy-perfect life with all the imperfection in life, all just about how you see life and how precious it is. 

After my fave quote in page #36, my fave illustration is in page #43. I found that it's a strongest colours among others pages, it's color like summer with some flowers bloom, and it has a simply qoute that represent the whole book : "your happy life is a mindset away."
Pic taken by me

For the last, i just want to say to kak Diana and kak Dinda, "Maybe everyone can buy and read #88LoveLife (both Vol. 1& Vol. 2), but for me it is an honor to be a reader of your book, thank you for inspiring me and all the readers through this love-bible-of-live". I can say, if my religion is love, this book must be the bible. :)

Lots of love,
#88LoveLife loyal reader.


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