Friday, March 28, 2014

"Do What Makes You Happy" - Alejandro Giraldo

by Alejandro Giraldo

About three days ago, accidentaly i found some of cute arts made by Alejandro Giraldo. Maybe i'm not too understand about art, i just a random person whom adore art it self. And when i see Giraldo's drawings, i just love it. It looks fun with the colorful cartoon and many of them are consist of pattern.

So i decide to know him (and his other artworks) more by googling, then i found his site on . He is an illustrator and Art Director from Medellín - Colombia whom running his own clothing line named Velmos and for this moment he is a freelance in a different projects.

In first impression of his drawings i thought they are young, free, and fun. It also reflected from Giraldo's website favicon that using turquoise anchor and using sailor theme which sailor hat as his web symbol. If you observe more, some of his drawings also about pirates & sailor. But the half side, he also like to draws animals. Yup, definitely some cute animals! 

I also loved one of his personal project, that using "Do What Makes You Happy" as theme project. Here i'll show you some of his drawings and i just love them all. 

Theme Project : Do What Makes You Happy / Left-Right : Go Surfing,  Go Skateboarding, Go Riding, Go Snowboarding / Featured on : Zipper Magazine #13

Theme Project : Fight Your Fears (Part 1) / Left-Right : Forest Fight, Do we Shape people? Or do people shape us? / Featured on : SSE Project (an online gallery from South Korea)

Theme Project : Fight Your Fears (Part 2) / Left-Right : Cock a Doodle Punk, Fight Your Fears / Featured on : SSE Project (an online gallery from South Korea)

Theme Project : Fight Your Fears (Part 3) / Left-Right : Running from the Rain, Sick Raccoon / Featured on : SSE Project (an online gallery from South Korea)

Theme Project : Intergalactic Animals (Self Promotion Project) / Left-Right : Intergalactic Deer, Intergalactic Cat, Intergalactic Fox

Theme Project : Monster Crew / Left-Right : Pirates Band, Skate Crew, Bikers Gang / Featured on : Offcorss, inspired by extreme sports

Theme Project : Patterns (Personal Project)

Theme Project : Strange Animals (as Personal Work) / Left-Right : Strange Frog, Strange Fox, Strange Dog, Strange Cat, Strange Owl
Theme Project : Strange Animals (as Personal Work)
Project : An illustrated book of Bad Arguments for Ali Almossawi

Giraldo also made his self identity in different shade as you can see below.

Alejadro Giraldo's Self Identity

Well, do you agree with me that Giraldo's drawings are cool? :D The last i wanna share to you about him is that i loved not only the drawings but also the message from each picture. How he try to tell us, that you have to recognize who you are, who you want to be, and what you want to do in your life, so just do what makes you happy. Also i learned about fighting my own fear, we are young and there's much hope to brighten your life. So cheer up guys, lets fight together :)

nighty night,

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