Sunday, March 23, 2014

Home Cooking is Moreeee fun ❤

Since a few days ago, i'm start to cook my own lunch. As i am a wanderer, its more healthy & more efficient than buying meal outside. Here's a couple photos of what i cooked. Officialy proud of my self. hehehe.. :p

Sayur bening bayam, tahu tepung, tempe tepung, & sambal kecap

Cah kangkung, tahu tepung, tempe tepung, chicken lolipop twirled with noodle, & sambal kecap.

You might think that those menus are too simply, but for me that's a new start for new passion. It's fun when you're in kitchen and wasting time for create pleasure for your self. With empty stomach you'll more satisfied with your meal. Even if they're not too good or just standart. LOL. But mine is good enough ;p

As a newbie, i promise that i'll post my next experience about home cooking :D
Let me know if you have any idea of new menus or new creations, or may you need to consider about cooking together with me ;)

eby ❤

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