Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Return of A New Passionate Woman

Yello people, world, and the whole great creature of my Lord!

I'm back with a new story, according to my not-too-last post. Now i'm not the jobless person anymore! yayy!

Finally they accept me to be their partner. Yes, they are LimitedShoping.com. They concern in man fashion specially in Crows Zero apparel.

Marketing + Fashion = Best combination to embrace positive ion for me :)

How lucky i am, i loved this job so much. It's not about howmuch money i earn, but howmany experiences i get here. It's my 2nd weeks, and i'm happy i got new experiece as a fashion journalist. A bit too much i guess, hehehe.. I mean, here i make all the post about men's fahion. Even if i love fashion since i was a little girl, but i never do this way, also about men's fashion. Such a new big thing start from here, fashion become my daily meal. And i'm so fallen into this! *love struck*

Anyway, the other side is, i'm learning english more, because i'm trying to work nice with find out the english article, read them, then makes some resume in Bahasa. That's mean i need to translate them at all. More learn, more fail, and i love learn from the fail :)

There are many things i loved here, all the people, the boss, the product, and all the athmosphere here. Again, thanks my Lord, i believe that you are directing me to something shinny big thing, that's all my faith. And i'm gonna holding this close. :)

The last, thanks for all the positive source like friends, family, and of course my boyfriend.

Good night universe,

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