Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Re-Posting "Little Brother Birthday"

2 days to go to my lil bro Sweet Seventeen..
I just remembered how i past my Sweet Seventeen, it feels like long loooong time ago.. hahha..
ok then, i'll talk about my beloved lil bro in this post.
so we have to skip about mine..

hey lullaby, introduce my one and only sibling ever..

Handsome lil bro ;)
Name : Made Dwiky Prayoga
DOB : 15th of December 1995
Nickname : Yoga
School : SMAN 1 Denpasar

well, honestly i haven't any idea about what gift i should give to him. have you?
silly question huh? kakanya aja gatau mo ngadoin apa, malah nanya orang. hha.
anyway, i push my self to not wishing for him before the Day. But it's around 'wish you all the best' or sumthin like that.. #lhoh

in his childhood, we just share our siblingness around 9 years together. after that, i should go out the house for academic matter in other town. But honestly, no matter how long we apart, i'm still missing you my lil bro :)
Wishing you a very special Sweet Seventeen :) {}

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