Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Yellow, Color of Forgiveness

When a friend of mine give me #30DaysChallenge on Path, and the 5th day topic was about something yellow. Then i remember my fave movie that released in 2006 with Amarillys Campos (Roselyn Sànchez) as the main character. One thing that touched my heart is about the yellow poem, i dont know why i just love it..

Yellow, Color of Forgiveness

Pray for me and i'll pray for you
pray for the wicked and the evil, too.
Pray for the genius and the not so smart
who with their smiles still touch our hearts.
Pray for those who would destroy
all the baby girls and all the baby boys
with their evil toys.
Pray for the robber, pray for the thief
pray for the loss of our belief.
Pray for those who can no longer pray
pray for the loss of another day
My mother and my father
have gone from here
others I've loved from yesteryear
as I grow old and move toward sleep
releasing pains I've held so deep
deeper than the soul's regret
memories I've yet to forget
O hope, my love, don't leave me yet
your lips speak softly of the light
as I move humbly into night

form the book
Colors by Miles Emory

This post wouldn't complete without the movie trailer of Yellow (2006)

I am really into this movie. May you say that this movie a bit feminist, but that what i love. Woman should give her best to reach her dreams, woman should not give up her passion only for a man. There always be something to sacrifice when you are facing your future. It's your choice, but you girls don't get rid of your dreams easily :) Fight for it..

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