Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Up and Down, Just Get Up Stand Up!

When i see around, and found that all my girls are one step even two or three steps ahead. That's the moment when i feel so down, but in the other side i'm happy to see them happy and become a great woman in career or anything.

I realize this is my own problem and this is happen because of my fault too, so i have to bear the risk. I still have many lovely people around me that always cheer me up and give me their positive ion. So what i need to do now is get up, stand up, and cheer up! :)
So the first step is maybe i need an ice cream and i can feel better :)

"We all have problems. We all have time when we feel like killing ourselves. But there are just simply bad days just like there are good days. And it takes both to make a person. So take it easy and enjoy life. Bad days end up fun if you have a sense of humor."
-Diana Rikasari on #88LoveLife



  1. cheer up dear!
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  3. Enjoy your bad day like a humor.. just laughing at that :D