Wednesday, February 15, 2012

FUNlentine Day (learning english edition)

Happy Valentine Day anyone in France (till 5 minutes later)
Coz in Indonesia, Val's Day passed 6 hours ago :p

Valentine Day, which is people think that the day for showing their love to someone (or some people) they loved.
But for me as a single, it's still be a Funlentine Day. Specially when i give all my love to my self.
It because i treat my self well (so much well) with giving pleasure to shopping today..
And thank you so so soooo much to my partner in crime Dayu Ajeng Anggrahita. :D

later, i'll post some photos of our Hedonism lifestyle for a day :p

Have a great day fellas :D

p.s. i love kak Diana Rikasari's quotes about love :)

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